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Anya Szumowski, Mental Health Therapist

Despite the joys and beauty in our world, as humans, we also experience pain and struggle in response to life's many challenges. Whether it be various transitions, relationship concerns, poor self-image, or the discomfort of anxiety and negative mood, therapy can offer the attention and care we need in navigating our lives. It is here that we can safely explore who we are - we can develop curiosity, awareness, and compassion towards self while honoring our past and current experiences.

My therapeutic style is engaging and creative, and can be characterized as authentic, kind, honest, and calm. As your therapist, I thrive to build a genuine and trusting connection with you. It is my goal to create a supportive space where together we can uncover the ways you think, feel, and understand the world. Throughout our time, I will provide gentle challenges and necessary tools to help you overcome difficult obstacles, while highlighting your existing strengths to cultivate growth and healing. You will often leave session with a greater sense of self and awareness to the areas in which you struggle, effective solutions, and feeling empowered to create changes that align with your unique values, interests, wants, and needs.


I earned my Master's degree in Professional Mental Health Counseling and Addictions from Lewis and Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling. I am currently licensed in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, and have over eight years of experience working with diverse adult populations in individual and group settings.


My practice has included treating a variety of mental health disorders, helping clients develop positive coping skills, understand and regulate emotions, challenge/replace cognitive distortions, build compassion and kindness towards self, explore relationship patterns, and navigate the impacts of past and current significant life events and transitions.

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